Floyd Mayweather explains why negotiations to box Jake Paul collapsed

On Saturday night at London’s O2 Arena, the boxing legend will compete in an exhibition match against Aaron Chalmers. Mayweather has been closely associated with a number of comeback matches, including one against YouTube personality Paul.

The former 50-0 champion has maintained that negotiations were really conducted about a boxing match between them.

However, nothing has developed since that time as Paul is unable to jump to 190 pounds.

During the Wednesday news conference held before his bout with Chalmers, Mayweather said: “We spoke to Jake Paul before and we can only do an exhibition because of the weight disadvantage. I can’t get to 190 pounds.”

“If I could, I would, but I can’t, my body won’t allow it. I’m not chasing it anymore. I have accomplished everything I could in boxing. We have so many young fighters in boxing today. Give them a chance to go out there so they can shine. It’s not about Jake Paul, it’s not about Floyd Mayweather.”

“I’m going to entertain the people. Support me and my opponent. In boxing, I had my time. When I choose to stop exhibitions, I will still support the sport of boxing. I’m a pioneer of being a boxer, I’m an entrepreneur. I’m playing chess in the real world. I’m truly blessed. I can’t take my opponent for granted. It’s entertaining.”

Jake Paul has won his first six professional matches against opponents like Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. This weekend, he will face Tommy Fury. Jake Paul is also going after some of the greatest names in the sport, including Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez.

Despite the difference in weight, Paul previously said that they had spoken about the match.

Paul said: “I don’t do exhibitions. I told Floyd, I actually messaged him and I said, ‘Yo, if you want to do a real pro fight at a weight class, then let’s do it’.”

“But I think he’s going to retire and that’s probably what’s best for him because my brother is a great fighter, but I’m just built different. I would have taken Floyd out and that wouldn’t be good for him.”