Floyd Mayweather drops rival after ‘odd’ ring girl stunt

Floyd Mayweather danced his way through the exhibition bout against former sparring partner “dangerous” Don Moore in Abu Dhabi.

Floyd was in good spirits – having gotten his way. Abu Dhabi is in 40 day mourning over the death of former president but Mayweather insisted the event not be postponed for October.

Mayweather outboxed his opponent and spoke to the cameras and the referee in between punishing assaults on Moore.

“That’s what it’s all about, I’m here to entertain and have fun,” said Mayweather, who held up the round card and danced with the ring girl during the fight of eight two-minute rounds.

Moore retired unbeaten but previously last competed all the way back in 2016. To Moore’s credit he managed to avoid getting knocked out despite getting dropped to his knees by a body shot in the final round.

Final results: Floyd Mayweather vs. Don Moore has no winner declared due to the bout being an exhibition.

Otherwise a dominant performance from Mayweather.