First time ever? BKFC Match Ends in Technical Knockout Due to Shoe Malfunction

A recent Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) match has gained attention as one of the strangest encounters in the sport’s history. The bout concluded via technical knockout (TKO), not from powerful punches, but due to an unusual shoe malfunction.

BKFC, a prominent bare-knuckle boxing promotion currently making waves in the combat sports scene, hosted BKFC 54 on November 17 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Known for its intense matchups, BKFC 54 featured a main card light heavyweight bout between Kaloyan Kolev and Amer Abdulnabi, both respected mixed martial artists making their bare-knuckle boxing debut.

The excitement quickly turned into confusion as Abdulnabi repeatedly found himself on the canvas for unexplained reasons. Despite a promising start with both athletes exchanging fierce blows, Abdulnabi’s frequent falls disrupted the flow of the match.

As the bout progressed, it became evident that Abdulnabi’s right shoe was the culprit. His corner, recognizing the technical glitch, took a rather unconventional approach by securing the problematic shoe with a bandage. In a humorous attempt to test the effectiveness of the fix, Abdulnabi rubbed his feet on the canvas, revealing the shoe was still slippery.

The referee, growing impatient with the prolonged delay caused by the shoe malfunction, intervened. Just as Abdulnabi prepared to resume the match, the referee waved his hands, signaling the end of the bout. Surprisingly, the match concluded with a TKO victory for Kolev, a departure from the typical outcome of disqualification in cases of technical errors.

The odd incident, captured on video, has circulated on social media, with fans expressing amazement and amusement at the unprecedented conclusion to a bare-knuckle boxing match. This unforeseen turn of events adds a unique chapter to the history of combat sports, showcasing the unpredictable nature of live competition.