FightCircus V matches two smaller guys with one giga Chad in main event

We’re used to seeing a lot of stunt events as of late. One event that pioneered that type of action is the infamous promotion coming out of Thailand. THey’ve previously done everything from intergender bouts to inorthodox leg wrestling events.

This time they opted for a more traditional stunt in their main event.

They ended up pitting two men against one huge one.

They also featured a number of unorthodox events including the faux conjoined twins 2 vs 2 event.

This type of event is nothing new but it’s always interesting to see – just for the entertainment value it provides.

With the UFC having a firm grasp on the monopsony in MMA, the remaining promotions are struggling to divide up the 10% market share amongst each other. While some try to inflate their social media stats, others resort to fund raising and better deals for the athletes. In the end it’s unclear if any of them have any of the attention required to actually compete with UFC.

And in the minor leagues there’s the complete lack of attention with only the hard core fans following. This leaves a huge gap that promotions out of Poland, Russia and THailand exploit.
We’ve seen everything from car events to matches on a shipping container dangling over water. While these pop MMA events are somewhat of a joke, unlike UFC’s competitors they’re capable of going viral from time to time. Notably a clip of Phonebooth MMA reached as much as 5 million views online. This is practically unheard of.