Fans turn on Andrew Tate for trying to profit off of prison stay by selling $131 shirts

Former kickboxer turned social media sensation Andrew Tate has always managed to maintain a loyal following despite his controversial public persona. However, his life has been plagued with legal issues recently. Additionally, Tate’s recent launch of merchandise launch seems to have caused a rift between the star and his fans.

131$ shirt
131$ shirt

Tate’s highly publicised arrest and subsequent release prompted him to take to Twitter, urging his fans to take sides in the issue. Tate called his arrest one of the most culturally important events in the history of humanity. In his tweet, he also included a link to his merchandise line which has faced heavy criticism due to its high pricing.

On Twitter, many fans have raised concerns over the pricing of his products. They have expressed their disappointment in Tate, with many criticising and calling out the former kickboxer.

One fan commented: “You forced your fame, and you wonder why you went to jail. You have no substance all charisma. Just like all these other frauds.”

Another tweeted: “Lol $130 for a tweet printed on a shirt?? Can I see the “lies” merch please?”

Andrew Tate first gained fame as a kickboxer but has since rebranded himself as a male rights activist. However, his statements have frequently been criticised for their misogynistic undertones. His recent legal issues have only fueled the fire, with some questioning his integrity and others completely distancing themselves from him.

Despite having the charges against him dropped, Tate remains on house arrest. It remains to be seen how his fanbase will respond to the controversial pricing of his merchandise in the future.