Fans speculate it was Usman facetiming Dana during presser and we’ve got the Video evidence

Kamaru Usman just suffered a devastating knock out during the main event of UFC 278. The blow was so heavy, Usman was unaware what transpired and was seated in his corner trying to get upto speed with his coach Trevor Wittman.

Following the winning announcement Usman was ushered out of the cage and according to Dana White, was transported to a hospital.

During the UFC 278 press conference, Usman tweeted his own reaction to the defeat in absence of an octagon interview.

If you check the time stamp on the first tweet you’ll be able to note that this was during the presser. Dana White received an interesting facetime during his press conference.

White received a facetime call mid conference, while much of it isn’t audible what is are comments mirroring Usman’s tweet:

“Even champs f’ck up sometimes’

White all but confirmed it was Usman having made the comment about the bout.

White commented on the finish saying:

“But anybody who knows anything about the sport knows that if they can’t come out and do what they are capable of doing. You’re gonna get a fight like we got tonight. We ended up getting that and then, you know, we probably in a situation that was a minute left of the fight.”

“You probably had people getting up and walking out because it looked like you know, this was gonna be a shot. Get out for Usman, and boom head kick. It’s just, it’s what makes the sport so great, so exciting and why it’s so fun. “

“You can never take it for granted and think that something’s over until it’s actually over. And when you get that moment that I call the holy s**t moment, which was the head kick. And you have everybody in the arena at the same time, everybody who’s home watching TV at the same time, everybody in bars at the same time. Just explode it’s it’s it’s pretty special man. It’s the sport is pretty special. “