Fans slam Josh Thomson for saying Aaron Pico could continue with a dislocated shoulder

It was a tough night for favorite Aaron Pico against Jeremy Kennedy. Prior to bout Pico was a lauded favorite – however nobody could’ve predicted that an injury would induce a medical stoppage and smear his record.

Aaron Pico shattered his clavicle during the bout against Kennedy at last night’s Bellator.
UFC veteran Josh Thomson offered a comically bad take sharing that he thought Pico should have been allowed to continue.

Pico’s corner frantically tried to pop his shoulder back into place

At Bellator 286 in the featherweight division, Pico faced Jeremy Kennedy. Pico fractured his collarbone, and the bout was put to an abrupt end. Through a shoulder injury, Kennedy had been deemed the victor via TKO.

According to Josh Thomson, the authorities should have let the 26-year-old MMA pro continue even after the injury. MMA supporters were offended by Thomson’s remarks and blasted him on social media.

Thomson’s take was labelled as “colossally bad” by one Twitter user.

“’I don’t understand why they stopped it. Aaron Pico was ready to fight.’ Colossally bad take from Josh Thomson. Holy s*it.”

Another person criticized Thomson’s claim as ludicrous and questioned why Bellator MMA still hired him.

“Josh Thomson: “I’m not a doctor but you have to let the fighter fight. Aaron Pico has been thru this plenty of times.”

None of that is true. Aaron Pico has never competed in an mma bout with a broken clavicle. That is absurd, how is Thomson employed”

Pico’s damage may have become worse if things had been allowed to carry on, according to one argument.

Bellator 154 was supposed to feature Josh Thomson vs. Michael Chandler. Aaron Pico knocked out Thomson when they were sparring before that bout.

Thomson had to withdraw from the bout with Chandler as a result of the knockout. After the event, Thomson only made one more appearance before declaring his retirement.

Given this scenario, Thomson’s assertion that Aaron Pico should have kept going despite a shoulder injury seems even more absurd. However, Thomson’s remarks are not the product of inexperience or a lack of understanding of the sport.

The 45-year-old had an extensive MMA career. He finished with 22 victories, 9 defeats, and 1 no contest. Thomson participated in the UFC, Bellator MMA, Strikeforce, and Pride, among other prestigious organizations, throughout his active years.