Fans roast UFC star for awful debut after twerking onstage

After her UFC Paris weigh-in, Ailin Perez caught fans’ attention by twerking. However, the Argentine’s pleasure was cut short when Stephanie Egger choked her out after less than stellar performance.

Perez made her UFC debut in Paris after signing a contract with the organization earlier this year. She formerly participated in matches for the Argentine promotion where she held the bantamweight championship.

When Perez twerked after her official and ceremonial weigh-in, it drew criticism. The UFC removed it from their broadcasts.

The Argentine was strangled out in the second round, so she was unable to twerk after her bout with Egger. In the first round, Perez did have a few strong punches that connected with the skilled judoka. However, she curiously tried to wrestle Egger. As a result, she tapped out to a rear-naked choke.

But Perez was really strange throughout. After getting submitted she was ecstatic to be in the cage, and as fans pointed out if you didn’t know what happened you’d think she’s waiting to be declared the winner.

Not to mention that less than an hour after flop performance against a late day opponent she called out her previous opponent on social media. Repeatedly. As if she’d won her debut.

UFC fans have since reacted to Perez’s debut, and twerking antics, with one writing:

“Pretty woeful debut from Ailin Perez. Low fight IQ throughout. Egger by submission comes as no surprise.”

Another one wrote:

“Ailin Perez needed to worry less about being “in front of the cameras” and more on fighting intelligently.”

Some of the other tweets were:

“Egger said ‘oh hell no you’re not doing a celebratory twerk on me Perez’ and earned that win with an RNC.”

“Rain check on that UFC celebration twerk from Ailin Perez”.

“Ailin Perez was literally only there to try to show her mediocre a** off, sad and pathetic.”

Perez responded to her detractors by saying that twerking is a part of her style.