Examining what Rose Namajunas was told by her cornermen Pat Barry and Trevor Wittman

Trevor Wittman is often credited as one of the best minds in MMA coaching. Among Wittman’s prized students are Rose Namajunas, Kamaru Usman and Justin Gaethje – but he’s far from the only person on their teams.

During UFC 274, Wittman had a bad night with two of his prominent pupils losing. While Gaethje lost in a convincing fashion, Namajunas’ bout turned many heads and many believed that it should’ve been scored differently.

After round 1, Pat Berry offered: ‘Do you see it all? Under control. You feel good. Everything we expected. You punched her to the head, twice. And her forehead is red and so is her nose and lips. And you didn’t even try to hit hard. Keep flowing. Trevor?”

Trevor: “Now you got her under control. You know the distance now. As she starts to pop her shoulders above her hips then you can start lead attacking. When she’s aggressive up and down keep your range.”

“Now we can start applying pressure.”

Carla Esparza’s corner offered: “Sometimes she throws a hook, come underneath it. That shot is there, that single leg ’cause she’s squatting on it. You’re gonna have to get closer to her a little bit. She’s getting impatient because the crowd’s starting to boo her as* cause she’s not engaging you, right? But don’t be impatient just set up the takedowns and take your time..”

Round 2, Esparza’s corner: “Do you see how she’s running those fakes or not? But she does this a lot, right? Because she’s running show the jab a little bit but time her. ”

“When we told her ‘oh, she’s getting aggressive’ she got scared and she stepped back so we won’t say that too much.”

“When you see her running that fake, time your shot on her fake”

Rose’s corner, Trevor Wittman: “You can start scooting in. So much f**cking faster, trust it. You gotto start picking up that pace.”

Barry: “As she starts scooting in, slide in with that frame because she’s gonna shoot”

Trevor: “You can break her, trust me”

Barry: “Hey yo, make her pay for this sh*t that she’s missing one every 3 times. ”

Round 3, Rose’s corner. Pat Barry: “You hear the boos? That means you’re doing it right.”

“You hear the crowd? That’s just reassurance.”

“Just now everything you did in that four and timing the times to sneak in. Do you see the opening when she throws the kick and turns the back to you?”

“It’s fine. I just need you to recognize it.”

Trevor: “Every time she misses, you get on her. Again, start closing the gap, apply the pressure”

“You’re better than her, everywhere. Now we start applying the pressure. You’re breaking her. I don’t want you reaching with power uppercuts, be sharp. Keep ’em all to neck and  lets keep the pressure. She makes a mistake, be on her with faints and punches. ”

Barry: “She’s also doing what she’s doing because your 4 is killing her”

Esparza’s corner after round 4:

“Get her to the ground and keep her there. ”

Esparza: “What round is this?”

“This is the last round. When you’re down there don’t rush the position. Take your time. That shot is in her head a little bit. ”

Rose’s corner, Trevor: “Time to have fun. You’re so disciplined. You’re better everywhere. Go out there and show what you’re all about.”

“You’re the best martial artist in the world. She can’t get you anywhere. Go out there and show who you really are”

“The best 5th rounder in the game. Let’s go out there and show her”