Fans have a laugh riot after Mark Zuckerberg releases a video of himself training MMA

Mark Zuckerberg recently surprised MMA fans when he revealed to Joe Rogan that he’s picked up MMA training for the last year.

” And this is sort of how I got into MMA too, is after now now, I don’t spend as much time in kawaii because things are ramping back up and I’m in the office a lot more. So it’s like, Alright, there’s, there’s not as much boiling in Palo Alto. So it’s like, Alright, what’s the thing that is both like, just super engaging physically, but also intellectually, and where you can’t afford to focus on something else?”

“And I think to some degree, it’s like MMA is like the perfect thing. Because it’s like, if you don’t, like you, you stop paying attention for one second, you’re gonna end up on the bottom. Yeah, right. So. So it’s, so I’ve just found that that is just really important for me, in terms of like, what I do and being able to just kind of maintain my energy level, maintain my focus, because then like, after, you know, an hour or two of, of working out or rolling or wrestling with friends or training with different folks, it’s like, now I’m ready to go solve whatever problem at work for the day and like I’ve fully processed all the different news for the day. That’s, that’s come in, and and we’re just ready to go.”

Zuckerberg has been a fan of UFC previously but had mostly surfed in his free time going on to blame his parents for not encouraging him to wrestle in college.

Now the first evidence of Zuckerberg’s training has made it online drawing mixed reactions from the MMA Fandom.

Zuckerberg has been dealing with a lot of bad publicity as of late with his company struggling to make the pivot to the ‘metaverse’ a reality with the technology lagging along. Not to mention he got some backlash for claiming his big regret is choosing fencing over wrestling.

“Where has this been my whole life. I like it’s like, Alright, my mom made me do three varsity sports and like my life took a wrong turn when I chose to do fencing competitively instead of wrestling in high school or something, right?”

This was harshly criticized due to the fact Facebook had played a role in Myanmar tragedy – a much more glaring error on Zuckerberg’s behalf.

“No he’s not but good for him for training. Probably more skilled than half of mma Twitter anyway” one commenter added.

“Even Stephen A looked better lol” another remarked.

“Him vs Paddy Pimblet, make it happen Dana” a third onlooker added.