Fans gawk at Deontay Wilder’s skinny legs in new training footage

Boxing fans worldwide are abuzz with astonishment as they witness the size of Deontay Wilder’s legs in recently surfaced training footage. The renowned boxer last stepped into the ring in October 2022, winning against Robert Helenius in a first-round knockout to secure the WBC World Heavyweight championship.

In a bid to challenge Tyson Fury’s WBC belt, the WBC declared Wilder’s upcoming match against Andy Ruiz Jr. But despite the announcement, no concrete date has been set for the match.

Wilder only competed three times in the past three years, including two defeats to Tyson Fury. Therefore, the likelihood of the bout materializing seems increasingly uncertain.

Nonetheless, the 37-year-old athlete is leaving no stone unturned as he perseveres in his pursuit of a match against Anthony Joshua. Recently, Wilder shared training footage on his Instagram account, showcasing a beach sparring session.

He posted a video on Instagram along with the caption “WooSah,” a slang term implying a state of calm and relaxation.

Curiously, fans were drawn to the boxer’s legs since they appeared remarkably slender. Social media platforms quickly became flooded with comments highlighting the perceived discrepancy.

One fan exclaimed, “Still makes no sense that those skinny legs belong to an all-time p4p hard hitting puncher.”

In a playful tone, another fan quipped: “Seen more leg muscle on a sparrow’s knee cap.”

Another fan commented: “Only boxer I know whose photoshopped legs haven’t been photoshopped.”

A fan wondered: “It still boggles my mind how his legs can be so skinny for a big dude.”

Notably, Wilder’s legs didn’t escape the notice of fellow heavyweight Dillian Whyte, who took the opportunity to criticize the boxer’s unconventional physique. During an interview on The AK and Barak Show on Sirius XM, Whyte remarked: “For one, he can’t box. Two, his balance is terrible, and his legs are like something I’ve never seen.”

Continuing his assessment, Whyte drew comparisons to boxing legend Evander Holyfield, stating: “Evander Holyfield had skinny legs. His legs are skinnier than Evander Holyfield’s. He was a light heavyweight and moved up to heavyweight.”

“I believe all those guys he beat, they were beating him. They were all backing him up, pressing him, and sometimes almost knocking him out.”

As fans eagerly await his next bout, only time will tell if Wilder’s unique physique proves to be a strength or a vulnerability in the ring.