Fans demand refunds: Audio cuts out during Anthony Joshua’s win over Otto Wallin

The much-anticipated clash between Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin on DAZN was marred by a disheartening glitch.

This unforeseen disruption came after a seamless streaming experience throughout Deontay Wilder’s bout. Fans were left in frustration due to a complete loss of audio during the first four rounds of the match.

DAZN’s viewers were left in the dark, with no official explanation offered for the abrupt audio blackout. A small notification appeared on upper corner of viewers’ screens, acknowledging the issue with a brief message: ‘Apologies for audio issues.’

Eventually during the fourth round the audio glitch was rectified. Commentator Todd Grisham extended apologies to the audience and expressed hope for an enjoyable experience during the main event.

He said: “We want to apologize to those around the world who experienced audio issues. We’re back now, hope you’re enjoying the main event.”

But by the time the audio glitch was resolved, Joshua had already sealed the match in the fifth round. He secured a victory as the bout was called off by the attending doctor.

Despite Joshua’s win, the dismay among countless fans was palpable. They took to social media platforms to vent their frustration towards DAZN.

Fans expressed their discontent with comments like:

“Imagine paying to watch the #ANTHONY_JOSHUA fight and having no sound”

“Anthony Joshua is boring to watch at the best of times never mind with no sound on…”

“BREAKING: Early reports surfacing that Anthony Joshua’s stand-in opponent, Otto Wallin, is actually DAZN’s chief sound engineer. More to follow #DayOfReckoning.”

“@virginmediaCan I get a refund? Watching Anthony Joshua vs Wallin with no sound is about as interesting as doing the dishes”

“Just want to apologise to my remote control and my TV for blaming the no sound issue. DAZN have proven yet again they are not fit to host events. Go back to Youtube boxing. I’m watching Anthony Joshua and Otto Wallin in silence #JoshuaVsWallin #DayOfReckoning”

“Sound gone just as the main fight started!!!!! I want my money back #DAZNBoxing #anthonyjoshua #Boxing”

Joshua’s prowess was evident as he skillfully capitalized on Wallin’s vulnerabilities. His calculated moves included a brilliant left-hook that staggered the heavyweight.

With precise strikes and relentless pressure, Joshua controlled the bout and left Wallin struggling to recover. Ultimately, doctors deemed Wallin unfit to continue after assessing him in his corner.

After the match, Joshua stated: “I can’t grade my performance. My performance team will judge me and the fans at home will have a lot to say, so I’ll leave it up to them. Not a throwback fight, just another fight. It was just another day in the office. All I want to be is victorious for as long as I can.”

“Otto is a true warrior. The corner play a huge role so their fighter can live to fight another day. I’m a gifted fighter and I use my gift.  I’m searching for greatness. Ben Davison is a great addition to my goal. I’m sure you can see that today.”