Famous Psychic challenges Tyson Fury to a boxing match – after boxer says he uses power of his mind to win bouts

Following Tyson Fury’s admission that he uses mind control to win in boxing , Uri Geller has challenged the boxer.

Uri Geller is a self-proclaimed psychic. He is known for his trademark television performances of spoon bending he often performed on TV in the 70s. Geller tricked many scientists and prominent personalities into believing in his psychic abilities until infamous skeptic James Randy penned a book going in depth on methodologies Geller used.

The two would end up embroiled in a major lawsuit that dragged well into the 90s.

Even against the 6ft 9in Fury, the 75-year-old spoon bender thinks he has a chance.

The Israeli-based man said, “Anyone who can master telepathy and knocking out or confusing his opponent is going to win.”

He added: “Against me in the ring — I can’t discount it. I am offering Fury to fight me.”

Geller also offered to assist Fury on December 3 when he faces Derek Chisora to defend his WBC championship.

Geller said, “Come to Israel, come to the Holy Land, come to my museum. And we’ll spend a few good hours training telepathically.”

After unsuccessful negotiations with Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury decided to face Derek Chisora as his next opponent. The two will face off once again at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

In an interview , Chisora acknowledged that Tyson Fury had cheated.

“there was a bit of cheating going on in there. I can’t talk about it now but one day I will. Second fight he beat me fair and square, but [in the first] fight he cheated a little bit.”

“In the first round he cut his glove and he thumbed in the eye. If you look at the fight in the first round, I could not see properly cause he thumbed me cause he cut the glove off … but I didn’t complain about that at the time, I didn’t care.”

“As long as he fights fair and square, we’re cool.”

Chisora’s comments have not yet received a response from Fury. Whatever the outcome, the pair’s last bout is probably going to be an amazing one!