Chisora claims Tyson Fury cheated by ‘Cutting his glove’ in first bout

Derek Chisora has charged Tyson Fury of cheating during their first encounter in the ring before their trilogy fight.

Tyson Fury has chosen Derek Chisora as his next opponent after failed discussions with Anthony Joshua. On December 3 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the two will square off once again in a contest in which Fury will defend his WBC Heavyweight World Title.

Given that Fury has already defeated his fellow Englishman twice, many supporters believe the third match will be meaningless. On the other hand, Chisora thinks there was some wrongdoing. He admitted to “a little bit of cheating” on the part of Tyson Fury to TalkSPORT.

“there was a bit of cheating going on in there. I can’t talk about it now but one day I will. Second fight he beat me fair and square, but [in the first] fight he cheated a little bit.”

“In the first round he cut his glove and he thumbed in the eye. If you look at the fight in the first round, I could not see properly cause he thumbed me cause he cut the glove off … but I didn’t complain about that at the time, I didn’t care.”

“As long as he fights fair and square, we’re cool.”

Chisora’s remarks are similar to those of Deontay Wilder. The former American champion is sure that Fury cheated him of the WBC belt.

There is no evidence to support Wilder’s claims. The claims made by Wilder were universally dismissed as absurd and blamed on his reluctance to accept defeat rather than anything on Fury’s side.

Fury hasn’t yet responded to Chisora’s statements. Considering that the initial bouts occurred in 2011 and 2014 and nothing has been said up until now, he may not even think they are worthy of a response. Whatever the case, the duo will likely fight for the last time this December.