F1 star Ricciardo trains with UFC great Max Holloway ahead of race in Las Vegas

Daniel Ricciardo’s recent training session with former UFC champion Max Holloway has surprised fans, sparking concerns about a potential re-injury to Ricciardo’s hand.

A set of images surfaced on Instagram, capturing the intense gym session between Ricciardo and Holloway. It didn’t take long for the comments to start making their way around the internet.

This rigorous training session comes just before the much-anticipated F1 race in Las Vegas this Sunday at 5 PM AEDT. The excitement surrounding the event has escalated, especially with this event being the first F1 race in the city in 41 years.

Ricciardo is representing AlphaTauri and aims to climb up from his current 17th position in the standings.

Given Ricciardo’s hand injury in October, fans are understandably anxious about a potential recurrence.

In reaction to the pictures, one fan wrote: “Be careful with your hand Danny”

“Take it easy, we don’t want to see another fracture,” someone else wrote.

Amidst these concerns, the opening ceremony in Las Vegas featured prominent artists like Kylie Minogue, Tiesto, John Legend, Keith Urban, and Steve Aoki. Meanwhile, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton also showed up.

Notably, Las Vegas officials announced the transformation of the Sphere for this weekend’s Grand Prix. The Sphere will serve as a platform for driver introductions, live pole positions, and an immersive experience for both on-site spectators and global television audiences.

Chief Commercial Officer of Las Vegas Grand Prix Emily Prazer emphasized the significance of Sphere in elevating the experience. Prazer stated: “Sphere’s Exosphere doesn’t just complement the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, it elevates it to new heights, turning every lap into a mesmerising experience for fans in attendance and watching on TV globally.”

Prazer added: “Picture real-time pole positions, thrilling podium celebrations, and a dynamic showcase of all 20 drivers and their iconic cars displayed larger-than-life. We are excited to have Sphere at the heart of the race weekend.”