Examining The Democratic Super Pac That Is Behind Efforts To Cancel Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan found himself in the eye of the storm after hosting several deplatformed scientists on his monolith podcast Joe Rogan Experience. In an attempt to have interesting conversations with captivating personalities Rogan allowed for public outrage – outrage he addressed adequately.

But the statement he gave while Spotify was pressured indicated that perhaps both Spotify and Rogan were more vulnerable than they let on. This is why that outrage was quickly followed by a second round of outrage – this time over decade’s old megacompilation featuring Rogan uttering racially charged slurs.

But the real story began in the end of cycle one. Hollywood actor and megastar Dwayne the Rock Johnson accepted Rogan’s apology on Covid 19 coverage – and in it set off the 2nd stream. It all started with this.

What the Rock wanted was a free opportunity to shill his tequila to Rogan’s rumored 11 million viewers per episode. What he got was a lot of twitter mentions from the extreme left. And one mention in particular left Johnson with no choice but to pull his endorsement and keep enjoying his stardom stress free.

The Don Winslow that the 2nd cycle of controversy is a writer with ties to a so called MeidasTouch. MeidasTouch is a democratic superpack that describes itself as:

“Producing the best pro-democracy political videos and content. Meidas Media Network. MeidasTouch PAC. Meidas Merch. Because TRUTH is golden.”

Dave Portnoy of barstool sports actually did the research on this.



For a better explanation of just how this attack was organized take a look at the following video: