Ex-WBC female champ Shindo becomes man, loses test exhibition against male

Go Shindo is former WBC female flyweight champion who made headlines in 2017 with a groundbreaking decision – to transition and compete as a male boxer. His recent return to the ring in a semi-official test bout in Osaka, Japan, marked a pivotal moment in his career.

Before transitioning in 2017, Go, formerly known as Megumi Hashimoto, had a remarkable career as the WBC female flyweight champion. Despite an initial loss in his debut in 2008, Go went on a winning streak, securing the WBC World Flyweight title in 2013 after a victory against Renata Szebeledi.

However, challenges followed, including a title loss to Arely Mucino in 2014 and a subsequent retirement announcement in 2017. Go underwent sex rearrangement surgery and expressed an initial retirement plan, leaving the door open for a potential return as a male.

Shindo before transition

In this test bout, Shindo faced off against Katsuyuki Ishibashi and entered the bantamweight rounds with determination. Despite displaying his characteristic sharpness and securing the first round, Shindo faced challenges as the bout progressed.

The tide seemed to turn in the second round, with Shindo encountering difficulties. The third and final round witnessed Shindo’s aggressive approach, steering towards victory until an unexpected left hook sent him to the canvas. Though Shindo quickly rose, the round’s outcome favored Ishibashi with a 10-8 score which impacted the overall result.

Following this test bout, Tsuyoshi Yasukochi of the JBC acknowledged Shindo’s step towards obtaining a license as a male boxer. He said: “Shindo stepped up to get licensed as a male boxer and the JBC will need to consider licensing him.”

The decision to compete as a male boxer sparked discussions in the boxing community, with WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman expressing concerns about the differences in male and female bodies.

  “The WBC is looking into this topic and until there is no medical justification, the WBC cannot allow Shindo Go to fight versus a man,” Sulaiman said.

The bout was experimentally scored as a test fight. As it wasn’t a formal contest, the win-loss record wasn’t officially recorded. This match serves as a significant test and highlighted Shindo’s determination in this new phase of his career.