Ex-UFC athlete debunks claim that Trans MMA veteran Fallon Fox broke her skull

Former UFC contender Kay Hansen debunked claims about Fallon Fox breaking her opponent’s skull. She also called out the doctor who shared misinformation on Twitter.

Fallon Fox aka ‘The Queen of Swords’ was a professional mixed martial artist from 2012 to 2014. She won 5 of 6 matches all via finishes. Though she never competed in prominent MMA promotions, her transition from male to female sparked a huge controversy.

Many MMA fans and figures were against her competing against women. Despite undergoing sex reassignment surgery, Fox retained advantages such as bone density and muscles development that make her stronger.

One of the people who expressed their disagreement is Dr. Anastasia Maria Loupis. She took to her Twitter account to post fake news about Fallon Fox breaking two women athletes’ skulls in MMA, with one of them being former UFC women’s flyweight Kay Hansen.

“Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter, has now broken 2 female opponents’ skulls. A man beating on women and named “Bravest Athlete” in 2020. The hate for women is real.” Loupis wrote.

But, it isn’t all true. Kay Hansen herself debunked the claim and defended Fox, saying that she never faced Fox in her 6 years MMA career. She also pointed out that her bloody face picture was from a different bout.


Hansen proved that Fox never broke her skull.

But, Fox actually did break someone’s skull in a cage. During her latest bout against Tamikka Brents in September 2014, she defeated her via first-round TKO. She punched Brents really hard and fractured her skull.