Even David Goggins agrees: Tony Ferguson should retire after UFC 296

Daniel Cormier recently revealed insights into his interaction with David Goggins.

Goggins is known for his intense mental and physical conditioning. He became a part of Tony Ferguson’s corner team for his match against Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296. Despite Ferguson’s resilient efforts, the bout concluded in a decision loss.

Daniel Cormier was skeptical about Goggins’ potential to aid Ferguson in overcoming his challenges. Ferguson had experienced a series of setbacks in recent matches, prompting doubts about his career trajectory. Reportedly, Goggins even acknowledged that its time for Ferguson to retire.

In a conversation during the ‘Funky and the Champ’ episode alongside Ben Askren, Cormier shared: “Even David Goggins thinks it should be time for Tony Ferguson…But David Goggins, who cornered him today, came up to us at the end of the fight and said, ‘Tony may retire after this.’ And I said, ‘Well, is he?’ And he goes, ‘I don’t know.’ But we gave our opinions and said, ‘Maybe it is time for Tony to retire.'”

Following his defeat at UFC 296, Ferguson took to social media to shut down retirement rumors. Ferguson said in his statement that he was motivated to keep going and had no intentions to quit. He also advised his fans to keep believing in him and thanked them for their support.

David Goggins put Tony Ferguson through a “Hell Week” of preparation in order to help him get ready for UFC 296. Goggins was also Ferguson’s cornerwhen he faced Paddy Pimblett.

Ferguson said that Goggins “crushed” him to free him from his own thoughts and treated him like a soldier. Ferguson said that the training was just what his mental health required.

At UFC 296, Tony Ferguson put on an amazing performance against Paddy Pimblett. But in the end, Pimblett proved to be too much for him. After missing a year of competition because of an ankle injury, Pimblett dominated the former interim lightweight champion.

After the event, UFC CEO Dana White weighed in. He expressed his inclination toward Ferguson’s retirement. White highlighted a perceived decline in Ferguson’s recent performances compared to his past matches. According to White, Ferguson’s peak days seemed to belong to the past.