ESPN Renames Daniel Cormier’s Show to ‘Fat Guy / Bad Guy’ After Makhachev’s Roast

Despite hanging up his gloves, former UFC two-division champion Daniel Cormier can’t seem to catch a break. Cormier often finds himself at the center of a playful jab from his American Kickboxing Academy teammates. But this time, its from ESPN and UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev. This light-hearted exchange has brought a new and humorous twist to Cormier’s podcast.

In a recent episode of the Good Guy/Bad Guy podcast, Makhachev made a memorable appearance which led to an unexpected name change. Upon his arrival, Makhachev jokingly called Cormier “fat.”

This comment that might be considered offensive in modern contexts. But Cormier doesn’t mind and took it in stride, laughing along and keeping the mood light.

Following Makhachev’s appearance, ESPN took the joke a step further by temporarily renaming the podcast to Fat Guy/Bad Guy. This unexpected move surprised Cormier’s co-host Chael Sonnen, who couldn’t help but break character and laugh.

Always a good sport, Cormier issued a playful warning to ESPN about the “monster” they were creating by giving Makhachev this kind of influence.

He said: “What? So, you’re telling me, you all let Islam (Makhachev) come up here and change the name of the show? You’ve no idea, the monster you’re creating right now giving him this power. ESPN take it back.”

While Makhachev enjoys these light-hearted moments, he remains focused on his career. The Dagestani grappler has been training intensively, preparing for a potential bout with Dustin Poirier. His dedication to improvement and success in the octagon is evident, and he balances his rigorous training schedule with moments of relaxation and fun.

Taking a well-deserved break from training, Makhachev recently attended a New York Mets game, surprising many fans. He wasn’t alone as he was joined by his AKA team, including coach Javier Mendez and manager Ali Abdelaziz.

Wearing a Mets jersey, Makhachev enjoyed the game against the Atlanta Braves and shared his experience on social media.