Endurance runner David Goggins will reportedly corner Tony Ferguson at UFC 296

Tony Ferguson recently made waves by enlisting the expertise of David Goggins. He is a former Navy SEAL, endurance coach, and renowned motivational speaker.

Ferguson will be employing him to corner for the upcoming UFC 296 clash set for Saturday, December 16, 2023.

Following a staggering 12-bout winning streak, Ferguson’s career trajectory took a nosedive. His career was then marked with a string of six consecutive losses since May 2020, when Justin Gaethje ended his unbeaten run.

The aftermath of that match left Ferguson with profound physical and mental scars, raising questions about his endurance and mindset within the octagon.

Undeterred by the setbacks, Ferguson firmly attributes his struggles to a mental blockade rather than mere physical decline. Embracing this mindset, he enlisted David Goggins to facilitate his revival.

Goggins’ ethos revolves around the supremacy of mind over body, advocating for pushing past perceived limits and embracing discomfort to achieve unparalleled success.

Goggins embarked on an intensive regimen with Ferguson, subjecting him to an arduous ‘Hell Week’ of cardio training. Reports suggest Goggins will assume a pivotal role in Ferguson’s corner during the high-stakes encounter against the formidable British competitor Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296.

However, Goggins’ unorthodox and rigorous training methodology has elicited skepticism and apprehension from fellow UFC athletes. There are concerns that Ferguson might risk overexertion, potentially impacting his performance

Renowned UFC commentator Jon Anik expressed his reservations about the ramifications of Goggins’ extreme training methods. Anik’s concerns revolve around Ferguson’s physical well-being, questioning the sustainability of such intense preparations at this stage of his career.

In an interview, Anik stated: “Certainly for us we want to hear how this training camp is different from past training camps. Is [Ferguson’s old wrestling coach] David Mills still a centerpiece? Oftentimes, the first lens for me into the preparation when I look into the 28 fighters is, ‘Let me see that corner audio sheet, let me see who’s gonna be in the corner.’ It looks like David Goggins is probably going to be in that corner for Tony Ferguson.”

“But, what exactly has the [Goggins] preparation held? You know, for me I know that my body feels different at 45 than 35, even if I’m still exercising the same way…. Will he answer with veracity? I don’t know. How does his body feel, really, at this stage in his career? How is his body recovering, you know?”

“But, I’m excited to see him try to sort of, you know, have one final moment, and maybe it’ll come against Paddy Pimblett, maybe it won’t.”

Despite this decline, Ferguson is still sensitive when it comes to criticism.

Anik continued: “There was a time, certainly, when we were very close. “Then there was maybe a little bit of a dip in our relationship where I think there was a fighter meeting in which he didn’t feel like I was all-in or all there, which obviously was a criticism that I took pretty seriously.”

Despite the controversies and the strained relationships, Ferguson remains resolute in his pursuit of redemption. His impending clash against Paddy Pimblett at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas stands as a pivotal moment in his career.