Elon Musk’s father claims MMA challenge is a lose-lose for Elon

Elon Musk’s father Errol Musk has expressed his disapproval of a potential matchup between his son and tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. He believes that such a contest would put Elon in a ‘no-win situation’, with both outcomes carrying negative consequences.


He stated: “The thing is if this crazy fight goes ahead, if Elon beats this guy, Elon will be called a bully, being so much heavier and taller, while if he loses the humiliation would be total.”

“It’s a no-win situation for Elon. I think Elon has got himself into a difficult situation as a result of high school behavior. They both have.”

Errol Musk confirmed to The Sun.

These sentiments align with those of Maye Musk, Elon’s mother. She has also expressed her distaste for the idea of her son engaging in a matchup and has advised against encouraging such behavior.

The possibility of a matchup between the two renowned tech entrepreneurs emerged when Twitter CEO Elon Musk challenged Mark Zuckerberg to a cage match. This is in response to rumors that Facebook’s parent company Meta was planning to launch a website as Twitter competitor.

Zuckerberg accepted the challenge via Instagram, and there are now rumors that the two are in discussions about the details of the potential bout in Las Vegas. UFC president Dana White has also been involved in the planning. White claims that their match could generate around $1 billion.

Former UFC star-turned-podcaster Chael Sonnen predicted that the match could potentially reach over 25 million pay-per-view buys if both Twitter and Facebook started hosting pay-per-view events.

He said: “You could for sure do 10 million-plus [pay-per-view buys]. But you could be closer to 20 and 25 [million pay-per-view buys], because what I would predict is both of their companies would start some kind of a digital arm.”

“So all of a sudden, I believe that Twitter would be hosting pay-per-views, and I believe Facebook would, as well. Now you’re talking 25 million views here. That’s insane, what I just said. You could do that if the business shifted and changed a little bit. Sure you could.”