Elon Musk claims Italian officials have AGREED to host Zuckerberg event

Recently, Elon Musk has dropped hints suggesting that the much-awaited face-off with Mark Zuckerberg is set to take place at the historic Colosseum in Rome.

Musk took to Twitter on a Friday morning to share exciting news. He confirmed that a venue had been chosen. Musk had previously hinted at the upcoming match by tweeting the word ‘Gladiator’ accompanied by two sword emojis.

Musk further revealed that the event would be organized under the management of his and Zuckerberg’s respective foundations, emphasizing that it would not be under the jurisdiction of the UFC.

“I spoke to the PM of Italy and Minister of Culture. They have agreed on an epic location.”

Interestingly while the Gladiator reference in Musk’s tweets alludes to the Colosseum, the famous Ridley Scott-produced film was actually shot at a replica in Malta. Nevertheless, Musk assured users of X that every aspect of the event would pay homage to Italy’s rich history.

Musk has disclosed that all proceeds from the showdown would be directed towards supporting veterans. Musk said that Twitter Blue or subscribers to his profile would see “bonus” or behind-the-scenes content.

Initially, Las Vegas was considered as a potential venue for the anticipated clash between the tech moguls. Reports from June suggested the possibility of the Colosseum becoming the battleground for the showdown, and this speculation seems to be materializing.

The Italian Minister of Culture reportedly contacted Zuckerberg about holding their confrontation at Rome.

The iconic Colosseum is a marvel among the seven wonders of the world, and stands as Italy’s most cherished landmark. While it has not hosted large audiences for centuries, its historical significance is unparalleled. The age-old amphitheater is over 1900 years old, and has the capacity to accommodate only a few hundred spectators on temporary seating.

The two tech icons have been speculating about when they would square off, with August 26 being one of the suggested dates.