Elise Reed survives a close call, getting her arm almost snapped by Loopy Godinez at Noche UFC

In a thrilling showdown at UFC Fight Night: Grasso vs. Shevchenko 2, UFC women’s strawweight contender Elise Reed drew strength from the spirit of Noche UFC and the indomitable Mexican warrior ethos.

Throughout the preliminary bout of the Noche UFC card, Godinez displayed dominance over Reed. The Mexican-Canadian strawweight expertly maneuvered an armbar submission attempt in the opening round, putting Reed in a precarious position.

Reed’s tenacity shone through as she valiantly resisted the submission attempt. But the momentum shifted in the second round, with Godinez showcasing exceptional striking skills. Eventually, she transitioned to the ground and sealed the victory with a decisive rear-naked choke submission.


This triumph at Noche UFC marks a significant milestone for the 30-year-old combatant, propelling Godinez to a remarkable three-bout winning streak and a commendable record of 5-1 in her last six bouts.

Elise Reed’s narrow escape from a potential arm injury at the hands of Loopy Godinez garnered admiration from both MMA enthusiasts and fellow combatants. Some drew parallels to a similar moment in UFC history when lightweight contender Tony Ferguson narrowly avoided a severe arm injury in a bout against Charles Oliveira.

Renowned UFC lightweight contender Michael Chandler tweeted: “Reed isn’t even double-jointed, she’s quadruple-jointed-that was nasty!”

Former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling echoed the sentiment. He tweeted: “WOW! How did Reed not tap? That arm’s got to be in serious pain now after surviving that.”

At Noche UFC, Reed showed extraordinary tenacity by escaping both an armbar and a triangle arm-bar attempt.

On the other hand, Godinez controlled the match and won via rear-naked choke in round two.  Reflecting on her performance and the transformative impact of her new training camp, Godinez expressed her elation: “I’m with team Lobo, with Alexa Grasso, Diego Lopes…I have the dream team. I’m so happy, I feel better than ever, and from here on, I’m just going to keep improving.”