Eddie Hall confronts Hafthor Bjornsson at a boxing gym

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson are scheduled for a long awaited boxing match. But things got heated between the two recently at a Dubai gym.

Both are currently in Dubai awaiting to settle the score in the boxing ring and we got a glimpse of how the match might go.

This was an emotionally charged confrontation between the two former World’s Strongest Man title holders. The squared up prior to their team members stepping in and stopping the situation from escalating further. They were urged to save it for the actual match. The confrontation was captured on video:

 Hall became agitated and went on an expletive filled rant: “Look at your eyes, they are f****** scared. F*** you. Step outside and I’ll f****** take you on. F****** p****. Let’s go.”

Thor can then be heard replying: “Let’s f****** go.”

The two then went on to exchange insults trying to get at each other with the situation culminating in what appeared to be a spitting attempt from Hall toward Hafthor. The move certainly got the reaction.

In addition to this Hall left a loaded message on a whiteboard for his rival. It read:

“To Thor/ Numbnuts. Just wanted to wish you all the best and look forward to smashing your face in/ correcting your face on Saturday.”

“Keep dribbling. Tell your yes men they are doing a great job of fooling you into believing you’re any good and gargling your man muck.”

“Big love your old double dipping friend. Beast.”

Thor also posted an update on what happened during the incident, claiming both spat at each other.”

“I am getting a lot of questions regarding an incident that occurred between Eddie and I yesterday,” he wrote.

Meanwhile Thor explained his side of the ordeal saying:
“I was getting ready to train when i received a message letting me know that Eddie was five minutes away. I had no idea that this was happening, it was an obvious setup that Eddie was in on.”

“Things got pretty heated, insults were thrown and it ended with Eddie being dragged out of the building, severely injuring someone involved, whilst trying to spit on me.”

“I did spit back, not my finest moment but the adrenaline was cranked and I was shocked that he would do something so disgusting.”

“Regardless, I managed to keep quite calm, all things considered, as I didn’t want to throw two years of hard work out the window.”

“I’m looking forward to stepping into the ring with Eddie on Saturday so we can settle this once and for all, without it turning into a disgusting street fight which is clearly what Eddie wanted after his clear lack of discipline in yesterday’s display.”

Hafthor Bjornosson will be boxing against Eddie Hall Saturday March 19th in Dubai.