Eddie Alvarez fires back against trolling of his infamous crowd-screaming wife

Former UFC star Eddie Alvarez is not bothered by the loud cheers and screams of his wife during his bouts.

Throughout Alvarez’s 20-year wildly entertaining career, fans heard a recognizable sound during each of his performances. It seems like Jamie Alvarez is Eddie’s most ardent fan as she often shouts and cries out her husband’s name throughout his matches.

During Alvarez’s recent bout against fellow UFC veteran Chad Mendes at BKFC 41 in Colorado, Jamie’s trend of vocal support for her husband continued. While some may find her screams and shouts distracting, Alvarez defended his wife’s actions. He stated that if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it up with him.

Alvarez said that he and his wife have been together since they were 15 years old. He considers her his ride or die and believes that her screaming and yelling during bouts are genuine and heartfelt. Alvarez went on to explain that his wife cannot control her emotions during his matches, and he hears her just like everyone else.

Alvarez stated on The MMA Hour: “Listen, man, that’s my f**king chick and if anybody has anything to say, they can go f**k themselves. My wife’s been watching me fight — we met each other when we were 15 years old. We have four children together.”

“I am her f**king guy and if something happens to me, now you can feel her pain and what she’s feeling. She has my four children, man. She’s my f**king ride or die.”

Alvarez then continued: “She can’t control what’s going on and her yelling or her screaming, that’s how she feels. It’s genuine so if you don’t like it, deal with it. But it’s f**king genuine. I hear her and so does everyone else (laughs). We all hear her.”

Alvarez made his bare-knuckle boxing debut against Chad Mendes and won the match via a split decision. Despite his age, the 39-year-old believes that he will still be competing. Therefore, fans can expect to hear his wife’s vocal support during his future performances.