Ebanie Bridges explains how McGregor plays the fame game, fiance has ‘thick’ skin

Conor McGregor and Ebanie Bridges recently made headlines with their captivating photo that quickly spread across the internet. The renowned UFC icon joined forces with IBF women’s bantamweight champion Bridges for a strategic marketing move that left the online world abuzz.

The two attended Anthony Joshua’s knockout victory against Robert Helenius last Saturday at the O2 Arena.

The Blonde Bomber arrived in flashy style, advertising the McGregor’s most recent business endeavor by wearing shorts with the Forged Irish Stout logo branded across them. She dressed provocatively, reminiscent of her days as a ring girl.

However, their presence was more than just a casual rendezvous. It was a meticulously planned move to capture attention and spark conversations.

Their publicity gimmick was quite successful, and McGregor even went so far as to offer Joshua a drink of his beer inside the ring. As of late, Bridges has said that their teamwork “broke the internet.”

In an interview with Boxing King Media, Bridges described how their relationship began as a result of McGregor encouraging her success in women’s boxing. The Australian remembers him sending her an online message telling her to disregard the critics. The two finally met in person at Katie Taylor’s match with Chantelle Cameron earlier this year.

A photo of McGregor’s hand placed provocatively close to Bridges’ assets set the internet ablaze after their meeting. Recognizing the buzz generated around their photo, McGregor seized the opportunity to propose a collaboration. He got in touch with Bridges and asked her to advertise his stout.

Bridges explained: “They couldn’t stop writing about me and him. He’s a smart businessman, he always makes good business moves. Being a friend I want to support his brand as well. He reached out to me and said ‘Hey, do you want to be part of the team and help promote my stout?”

“What better way to promote than get pictures with the Blonde Bomber at an Anthony Joshua fight, wearing your gear. It worked didn’t it because we broke the internet again and everyone’s talking about it?”

“It’s just business, really. He knows exactly what I’m worth and I’m a valuable asset to his brand. We’re everywhere.”

Bridges also hinted at their impending collaborative ventures, assuring fans that this was merely the beginning. She teased, “We’re going to work together more in the future so keep your eye out.”

Ebanie Bridges also hinted at a future possibility that could see Conor McGregor lending his support to one of her upcoming matches. The 36-year-old hasn’t competed since defeating Shannon O’Connell to successfully defend her title in December 2022 while she recovers from a hand injury.