Dustin Poirier Will Only Fight Colby Covington Outside Of The UFC

Former UFC interim champion Colby Covington is known to be a trash talker – especially towards his former teammates from American Top Team. One of his favorite targets to insult is his former teammate  Dustin Poirier. Poirier has made it clear that he wouldn’t fight Colby in the octagon where there are rules and referees to hold him back.

There are a lot of reasons for Poirier to hate his former teammate. One time, Colby accused Poirier of using ‘The Good Fight Foundation’ as a tax write off. Colby also crossed the line when called Poirier’s wife a ‘h*e’ and called his daughter a ‘prop’. He also called Dustin a ‘piece of sh*t father’.

During a recent talk with media members at UFC 271, Dustin Poirier said he won’t be fighting Colby in the octagon. The 33-year-old Lafayette native doesn’t want to let someone like Colby gain notoriety from their fight. Poirier is even willing to go to jail.

“No. I’ll never fight [Colby Covington] in an Octagon where there are finances on the line. If I’m fighting Colby we’re both going to jail. I’m going to jail. I’m not going to fight him in an octagon. He’s not making money off of my career and what I’ve done. This is something different, you know. You will never see me fight Colby Covington in the UFC.” said Poirier.

Previously Colby Covington challenged Poirier to move up from lightweight to welterweight following his Poirier’s loss against lightweight champion Charles Oliveira. That was Poirier’s second attempt in snatching the lightweight belt, having previously challenged Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Poirier’s next opponent is most likely the fan-favorite welterweight Nate Diaz. Some sources revealed that the UFC is still discussing it and there is no official confirmation yet. As for Colby Covington, he is going to clash with his former teammate Jorge Masvidal.