Dustin Poirier is partnering with the UFC to promote his Hot Sauce

Many MMA athletes spend their entire career in the sport with nothing to show for it in the end except for slurred speech and a long list of ailments. For Dustin Poirier this won’t be the case. Poirier had caught a lucky break when McGregor targeted him for his long awaited return back in 2021.

Thanks to securing two lucrative paydays against McGregor, not to mention bragging rights, Poirier’s financial future is more secure than 99% of UFC talent.

And it’s about to get even sweeter. Dustin Poirier has revealed his partnership with the UFC.

Dustin Poirier has been active while away from the ring. He has been advertising his spicy sauce in addition to his efforts for the Good Fight Foundation. Fans have embraced “Poirier’s Louisiana Style” spicy sauce, which will now have a larger audience.

UFC and Dustin Poirier jointly announced a partnership earlier today. A news statement states that the Louisiana how sauce will be the promotion’s official spicy sauce. The promotional alliance will begin this weekend at UFC 281.

Poirier was cited in the news release:

“It means a lot to have Poirier’s Louisiana Style named the first-ever Official Hot Sauce of UFC. Putting in the work – whether it’s training for the next fight, creating a hot sauce company, or helping through our Good Fight Foundation – it’s all about building a legacy for my family and my community.”

“These hot sauces come from the cuisine I grew up with in Lafayette, Louisiana. These are my roots, and I’m excited for UFC fans to share the Cajun flavors I love.”

As an Official Partner of UFC, Poirier’s Louisiana Style will be promoted via branded content on UFC’s well-known social media and digital platforms. The promotion gas a global audience of over 200 million followers.

The spicy sauce is now available at several important internet retailers. Poirier has to be pleased with the success of his new endeavor given this spike in the promotion of his business.

Poirier is following in McGregor’s footsteps. McGregor famously partnered with UFC to promote Proper 12. The partnership was a major success and UFC’s president Dana White went on to launch another drink guided by success UFC has had co-promoting Proper 12.