Du Plessis’ coach accuses Helwani of cooking up racial tensions ahead of rumored Adesanya clash

Dricus du Plessis’ coach, Morne Visser, recently voiced his concerns about the promotion of the upcoming middleweight championship bout against Israel Adesanya.

In an Instagram post, Visser expressed frustration with the use of race as a marketing tactic to hype up the fight. He urged fans to approach the match with an open mind and not be influenced by certain individuals, seemingly referring to journalist Ariel Helwani.

This is especially hilarious considering that Visser played a major role in starting racial tensions to begin with.

“Don’t get brain washed fn nobody’s like Helwani the “butt licker”. As all white and black South Africans we don’t even talk about the past. We work towards the future, getting involved into something you don’t even understand and baiting it out for your own little glory “FU” !!!” @coachmornevisser – Instagram

Visser emphasized that both white and black South Africans focus on the future and do not dwell on the past. He criticized the use of race to bait fans into supporting one side over the other and targeted Helwani, calling him a “butt licker” and questioning his understanding of the sport.

Here’s what Visser previously wrote, sparking the tensions in the first place:

The coach warned fans not to blindly jump on the bandwagon and highlighted his confidence in Dricus du Plessis, also known as ‘Stillknocks,’ to make Adesanya pay for his trash talk in the octagon. He dismissed Adesanya’s remarks as signs of insecurity and asserted that they won’t back down in the face of challenges.

Du Plessis recently addressed hisĀ  interaction with Israel Adesanya at UFC 290.

“It’s usually the contender that goes into the cage, right? So even he sees me as the champion already so he already knows I’m the champion. And now that he’s seeing me in that cage, he knows what a force I am in there. He could feel the energy and I could feel how insignificant he is to me when we get into that cage.”

It remains to be seen how Ariel Helwani will respond to Morne Visser’s comments, as the tension between the two continues to simmer.

Previously Du Plessis went on MMA Hour and tried to downplay comments previously made by his coach, even going so far as to say he would never approve of someone saying something like that.