Done with influencer boxing? KSI confirms Tommy Fury will be his last boxing outing

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI recently indicated that his upcoming bout against Tommy Fury might mark his final appearance in the boxing ring – unless he gets a chance to finally face off with Jake Paul.

Back in 2018, KSI was at the forefront of influencer boxing. He engaged in the first major YouTuber boxing match against Joe Weller, leading to a subsequent face-off with Logan Paul.

However, the influencer boxing landscape has transformed drastically since then. No longer confined to amateur skirmishes to settle scores, these contests have evolved into fully professional events that attract massive audiences and generate substantial pay-per-view revenues.

Recently, KSI has been on a remarkable winning streak. In a single night, he achieved victories over Swarmz and Luis Pineda. He followed it up with an additional win against FaZe Temperrr.

Nevertheless, a match with Joe Fournier ended in a no contest due to an unintentional elbow strike.

Looking ahead, KSI has committed to competing against Tommy Fury on October 14. He is aiming to outdo his long-standing rival Jake Paul by defeating Fury.

But there’s more to the story. In episode 84 of Sidecast, KSI hinted that this upcoming match might be his final appearance in the ring. He stated, “Honestly, I think Tommy is it. I think, max, would be two because Jake at the end.”

As confident as ever, KSI downplayed the possibility of a rematch with Tommy. He firmly believes that he will secure a knockout victory. KSI added: “I’m going to put my all into it. I feel like I haven’t really been able to really show all my skills yet, still!”

A YouTube boxing superfight has been mentioned often by KSI and Jake over the years. They discussed making it happen if Jake had defeated Tommy. The match was contingent on Jake Paul’s victory against Tommy, but that scenario did not come to fruition.

As of now, it’s unclear if they’ll ever engage in combat and whether KSI will honour his promise to step down after a confrontation with Tommy.