Dominick Cruz reacts to his ugly broken nose in the aftermath of Chito Vera defeat

UFC San Diego feels like a lifetime ago even though it was just this past weekend. During the main event, Marlon Chito Vera delivered a devastating headkick knock out to the face of former bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz.



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Cruz’s nose was visibly broken during the kick.

Cruz went on to react to his loss saying :

“I’m grateful to all of you who came out on Saturday, and for all the love and support here! The body feels great and I’m thankful for my health. I’ll be seeing you all soon at the desk”

Meanwhile Marlon Vera went on to slam Cruz’ skill level:

“Honestly, me and my team, we really think the way he fights is kind of very low level,” Vera said. “There’s no base, there’s no good stance, all that movement side to side — we told each other, ‘We have to kick this guy’s ass.’ But by saying that, you put a lot of pressure on yourself.

“I just believe that his style is not the best style for MMA. Maybe for boxing it can work better, but for MMA you’ve got way too many weapons going. What he does well, he mixes takedowns with that movement. That’s when he’s successful. But I was like, it’s going to be hard for him to take me down, so we were pretty confident, but we knew this fight wasn’t easy.”

Vera’s comments caused a bit of a stir considering it’s not everyday a winner slams a loser of a UFC contest after the fact. Vera was asked to clarify to which he explained:

“I respect 1000% him for what he did. I said this in the press conference, he make bantamweight cool. He was a name that brought up the bantamweights… I’m gonna explain a little bit when I say the low level thing.”

“We’ve got a guy like [Israel] Adesanya… He has a real solid base. His technique is sharp as f*ck but he’s really flashy. With Dominick the movement that he does, me and my coach we think that’s a low-level style to do MMA. It’s just our opinion. It’s a fact maybe we prove it because of the way we finish him.”