Dillon Danis trolls Ryan Garcia, implies he’s the better boxer

Dillon Danis is probably ‘the Most Hated’ fighter in combat sports history is no stranger to making headlines for all the wrong reasons. With no achievements under his belt, the self-proclaimed ‘Greatest of All Time’ is known only for his out–of-the-octagon endeavors.

The 28 years old was recently sharing his skepticism about the boxing abilities of undefeated lightweight boxer Ryan Garcia. Dillon claimed the 23 years old boxer has no chance against him in a boxing match.

The controversial MMA fighter took to Twitter and posted a TikTok of Ryan Garcia who is seen lip-syncing. Dillon Tweeted:
“imagine thinking this kid could ever touch me in a boxing match [laughing emoji] jesus christ. [Ryan Garcia].”


Before this, Dillon and Ryan verbally agreed to face each other in the boxing ring and the Octagon. In an Instagram live session featuring both Ryan and Danis, the pair went on back and forth, with Dillon claiming that if they faced each other Ryan would not knock him out. Ryan claimed he would knock out Dillon inside 5 rounds. Ryan also said that he’d be willing to face Dillion in MMA as well, to be fair.

“I feel like if you want the challenge, we should do one and one. One fight in MMA and one fight in boxing”. Ryan said.

Dillon agreed by saying, “I’ll do one and one. A hundred percent.”

Garcia also went on to say that he wants Conor McGregor if he beats Dillon and Dillon requested Canelo Alvarez if he were to be victorious.

With Ryan starting out with his boxing journey and Dillon who has only two professional MMA fights under his belt, this crossover fight seems highly unlikely at the moment. But, stranger things have happened in combat sports.