Dillon Danis tries to shame Sean Strickland, gets called out for posting an ‘L’ publicly

Sean Strickland is renowned for his outlandish views and his willingness to express them. Time and time, Strickland shared his most intimate thoughts on everything from struggling with depression, through groomers in MMA all the way to his own dabbling in extremism.

Everyone’s least favorite Bellator mixed martial artist recently shared some screenshots of a private conversation he had with  UFC middleweight Sean Strickland..

In the convo, Strickland can be seen telling the Bellator welterweight to take a good look at himself and reconsider his past actions.

“Yeah man but you still gotta look yourself in the mirror go read your comments. The whole world thinks you’re a joke You gotta look yourself in the mirror at night and know that most people on this planet dislike you”

Strickland also recommended Danis to end his life honorably.

“If you ever wanted to check out one day… well no one would blame you for taking that way out… In a lot of societies that is the honorable thing to do in your situation”

In response, Danis looks quite unapologetic and tells Strickland that he can take him out:
“id literally hold you down and make you lick my a**e”

Strickland keeps his cool and reiterates his earlier advice.

“Yeah sure Dillon. Have a good one man.. hopefully one day you take my advice you know it’s the right thing to do in your situation”

Danis then tells Strickland to take it easy and that all he needs is 5 seconds to ground him.

“You can’t go around fighting people not how life works so I’m gonna have to handle you”
“You do know in a real fight id take you down in probably 5 seconds”
Strickland ends their discussion by telling Danis that he knows where to find him, referring to him as a “troll”.

“Sure man. You know where to find me troll”

People started roasting Danis as soon as he posted the screenshots. They’re saying that he took the ‘L’ and that Strickland is surprisingly the voice of reason here.

Many are also calling out Danis for threatening a highly ranked UFC guy such as Strickland while he recently pulled out of a boxing match with a Youtuber.