Dillon Danis thinks he doesn’t need ANY training to beat KSI

Dillon Danis is about to make bank on his return from an extended hiatus. Danis last competed in MMA back in Jun of 2019 when he disclosed his knee was all but ruined.

He has since undergone two consecutive knee replacements – because his body rejected the first one. This was quite a hurdle for the young jiu jitsu ace because it meant he was unable to take the Jake Paul boxing event when it was offered.

This wasn’t the end of his bad luck spree either – earlier this month it was revealed online that Danis’ boxing date with Logan Paul fell through when Paul severely injured his knee during a performance at WWE.

But Paul’s business partner, KSI, stepped up and snatched Danis’ as a great opportunity to prove his boxing prowess.

While Danis has MMA experience – he’s widely known as a jiu-jitsu specialist and isn’t well regarded for his striking. This makes it all the more surprising that Danis told Misfits Boxing that he wouldn’t need any training to show up and face KSI.

KSI (real name JJ Olatunji) returned to boxing in August when he defeated Swarmz and professional boxer Luis Pineda. KSI had trouble finding opponents after his initial opponent had a concussion – and the first replacement was spotted with white supremacist tattoos. This is how he ended up boxing a rapper novice and an actual boxer in one night. Neither of them were actually good and he escaped unscathed.

Danis told media:

“I mean, it’s easy money, to be honest. That’s a little b**ch of a thing I’m used to fighting. A real fighter. KSI is not ready for this, I guarantee you. I know, because I saw. Watch.”
“Where’s he at right now? Bring him to me right now. If he was going to say to my f***ing face and a real fight, I toss him in a f***ing body bag. So what’s going to happen?”
“I’m going to hurt him bad. Well, like the photo part about all this whole thing is is like these little YouTube boxers, they’re going to see what a real fighter feels like he’s going to see. Oh, how about how about how bad we’re going to hurt him? Bad.”