Dillon Danis targetting ‘Easiest Payday Of My Life’ against Darren Till

Since his departure from the UFC in February, Darren Till has yet to find a new home. However, Dillon Danis seems to be more than happy to assist him.

Dillon Danis hasn’t competed since winning his second professional bout in 2019 under the Bellator promotion. Initially noted as Conor McGregor’s training partner, the BJJ prodigy has since developed a reputation for promising to compete against people but never following through.

Most recently, he was supposed to compete in a match with YouTube boxer KSI but it fell through.

Now Danis has turned his attention to Darren Till, a former UFC welterweight title challenger who left the UFC earlier this year. Till left the promotion after losing his third consecutive bout in December.

Danis took to Twitter, tagging Till and posting a side-by-side picture of the two. He added that a match with Till would be an easy payday for him, given his track record of losses.

Danis tweeted:

“easiest payday of my life 😂 @darrentill2 boy is washed,” Danis wrote.

However, this is not the first time that Danis is calling out Darren Till. Earlier, he criticised Till regarding a rumored matchup with Logan Paul. Till was confused as to why Danis called him out since he had never previously spoken anything negative about Danis.

He stated: “like Conor, I know all his mates from Ireland. I know them all, I get on really well with them all. So what’s he talking s*** for like? I can’t physically or mentally respond to the guy because he argues and trolls everyone.”

“For me, why would I even get worked up about a guy like that, who pulled out of a (card) with KSI like? What am I gonna gain from responding to Dillon Danis? Like, what mate?”

Danis’ call-outs may not generate the same interest and belief from the fanbase as before, given his history of not showing up to compete.

Moreover, Darren Till has recently expressed his interest in boxing. But a potential bout between Till and Danis is still intriguing to consider, despite the likely size advantage Till would have.