Dillon Danis reacts to epic deep fake of him Logan Paul made addressing Nina Agdal drama

MMA competitor Dillon Danis has recently addressed the deep fake video created by Logan Paul. In the video, he appears to apologize for the controversy surrounding explicit photos of Logan’s fiancĂ©e Nina Agdal.

Both of these combatants are slated to face off in the boxing ring on October 14. However, a federal lawsuit against Danis for the dissemination of explicit images of Nina Agdal has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the event.

Despite the legal hurdles, Dillon Danis’ relentless verbal sparring with his opponent over the past few days has solidified the inevitability of this face-off. One noteworthy exchange transpired when Logan shared a video on X featuring a deep-fake video of Dillon Danis where he was apologizing for his recent conduct on social media.

To this, the MMA combatant responded in good spirits. He wrote, “I can’t even lie, this is hilarious. Fair play.”

Social media platforms have been abuzz with debates and discussions regarding the banter between Logan and Dillon leading up to their upcoming bout. While banter before the match in the world of boxing and MMA is common, critics argue that Danis’s recent attacks on Nina Agdal have crossed a line. Additionally, the court has granted Agdal a restraining order against Danis.

Nevertheless, the Bellator MMA welterweight has not publicly apologized for the spread of explicit images. So Logan Paul created a deep fake AI-generated clip of their recent face-off, wherein Dillon Danis appears to apologize.

In this edited footage, Danis can be heard saying: “Logan, I apologize. I’m a b*tch, I’m not a real fighter. I got choked out by a bouncer and I target innocent women online to support my insecurities, honestly.”

Logan Paul didn’t stop there. He went on to make the fake Dillon Danis assert that he attained his black belt through deceitful means. Furthermore, he playfully poked fun at Danis’s association with Conor McGregor.

It’s worth noting that not long ago, another prominent YouTuber and Twitch streamer Atrioc faced significant backlash for featuring deep fake p*rn on his channel.