Dillon Danis ‘leaks’ chats from Ian Garry’s wife

Dillon Danis has once again started a controversy. This time, he redirected his attack toward Ian Garry and his wife, Layla Anna-Lee.

Garry and his wife Layla Anna-Lee have found themselves embroiled in an online skirmish with UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland.

It was recently revealed that Garry’s wife (who is 14 years older than him) had authored a book named ‘How to be a WAG’ more than 10 years ago. The book gave women advice on how to get the attention of young, successful athletes.

Strickland made allegations that Anna-Lee orchestrated their marriage deceitfully. He called Garry’s wife a “succubus” and advised him to get out of the marriage.

In the midst of the social media drama, Danis amplified the turmoil by sharing old chat screenshots exchanged with Layla Anna-Lee which date back to November 2018.

He posted a screenshot of their conversation along with the caption: “Morning ❤️”

The conversation appeared to be started by Anna-Lee herself.

Despite the absence of concrete evidence supporting Danis’s assertions, the intrigue among combat sports enthusiasts remains undeniable. Danis is known for entangling himself in such controversies.

Ian Garry is scheduled to face Vicente Luque at UFC 296. Chael Sonnen predicts that Garry will experience difficulties at the press conference before the bout. Sonnen advised Garry to exercise caution before speaking during the presser.

In his recent YouTube video, Sonnen advised Garry to think twice about attending the upcoming press conference. Sonnen also emphasised being careful while navigating interactions with Colby Covington, who will be competing in the main event.

Sonnen advocated for Garry to strategically align himself with Covington during the event, engaging in banter aimed at Leon Edwards. This maneuver aims to deflect any potentially controversial remarks from Covington, specifically those targeting Garry’s wife. By doing so, Garry will be able to maintain his composure before the match.