Dillon Danis gets tricked into promoting a fake NFT project, caught red handed

Dillon Danis has been enjoying a notoriety that very few have in MMA despite not having competed in MMA since 2019. Danis achieved notoriety as McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach in around 2017 and has been trolling online since.

Previously, Danis’ BJJ rival questioned how Danis is able to support himself on MMA Hour.

Danis got asked this very same question during his own appearance on the MMA hour and explained he gets paid for ‘one off promotions’. As it turns out, many of these promotions, are crypto currency scams and rugpulls.

His problematic history prompted internet investigator Coffeezilla to try and fool Danis into posting one of these – and Danis fell for it despite the cheeky ad copy.

FTC guidelines dictate that you must disclose when something is an ad or risk getting a hefty fine.

Danis shared the cheeky copy promptly on his social media promptly – for just $1000.

Looks like Danis might want to have a second look at Gordon Ryan’s offer to maintain his car collection. Ryan was quoted saying:

“He sent me a clip the other day of a clip of Chael Sonnen saying he’s the real deal. If this doesn’t work out [boxing KSI], I have tons of cars, you can clean those for me. I have like five cars, clean those and I’ll give you $30 a week.”

Adding that Danis is kind of an expert:

“He’s a master of staying relevant without actually doing anything. It’s incredible!”