Dillon Danis gets real: Jake Paul would destroy KSI in boxing

Controversial social media personality Dillon Danis talked about Youtuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul. He admitted that Paul is the best among other Youtuber boxers.

Social media celebrities and Youtubers turning into boxers is getting more and more common nowadays. Aside from being quite brutal and exciting, boxing is a very simple combat sport that’s easy to digest by a broader audience.

The drama and rivalries played a big role in hyping up these influencer boxing matches, making it quite popular especially among the younger generation. For the influencers, competing in boxing can be a very lucrative gig.

The most famous Youtuber boxer is arguably Jake Paul. He and his older brother Logan Paul as well as famous UK Youtuber KSI were one of the first content creators who competed in boxing. KSI took on fellow Youtuber Joe Weller back in 2017 and was followed by the Paul brothers the next year.

Jake Paul began his boxing career in an amateur match against KSI’s brother Deji Olatunji. He knocked Olatunji out in the fifth round. After seeing a big success in his ameteur boxing match, ‘The Problem Child’ went professional and clashed with popular figures and former athletes with a total of 8 matches, with his only loss being against Tommy Fury back in February.

This social media influencer boxing matches is surely on a different level than those in ranked matches. But, due to their surging popularity, this celebrity boxer competition has their own separate segment and fanbase. Some fans are wondering who is the best between these influencers.

During a recent training session, streamer Adin Ross and Dillon Danis talked about the matter. Ross asked Danis who is the best Youtuber boxer.

“Out of all the Youtuber boxers, you have to admit he [Jake Paul] did the best.” Ross said.

Danis agreed with Ross. He was even sure that Paul would easily defeat KSI.

“Oh yeah he is the best one. I think he kills KSI. Jake kills him.” Danis said.

Jake Paul might really be the best. Among other Youtuber boxers, he is the only one who actively competes in professional matches and has faced real athletes. Jake Paul is set to return to the squared circle. He will face KSI at the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card event on October 14. Meanwhile, Dillon Danis will face Logan Paul in the undercard.