Dillon Danis condemns UFC’s Sean O’Malley for wishing him dead

Dillon Danis recently took to social media to address Sean O’Malley’s recent remarks about him wishing death upon Danis. He was quite hurt by the remarks as he took to social media to respond to O’Malley’s comments.

The UFC bantamweight contender said that he wouldn’t want to be anything like the Bellator competitor on a recent episode of his podcast ‘The Bro’Malley Show’. O’Malley openly expressed his disdain for Danis, probably because he is a polarizing figure despised by many in the MMA community.

He said: “If I had to pick one person in this world not to be, it would be Dillon Danis. I’d be like holy s**t just put a bullet in my head. I do not want to be that guy.”

Responding to O’Malley’s remarks, Danis fired back at the bantamweight contender through a now-deleted tweet. He criticized O’Malley for expressing such negative sentiments and emphasized that wishing death upon him showcased how much of a ‘p**y’ he is.

Danis further added that he would be rooting for Aljamain Sterling, expressing his hope that Sterling would defeat O’Malley at the upcoming UFC 292 event.

Danis tweeted: “wishing death upon me shows how much of a pu**y you are at heart. I truly hope @funkmasterMMA puts a old school NY beating on your snitch a*s.”

During the same podcast episode, Sean O’Malley took a moment to acknowledge the impressive ascent of Ilia Topuria in the UFC featherweight rankings. He just defeated Josh Emmett by unanimous decision, which put him in contention for the 145-pound title.

O’Malley commended Topuria for his recent performances and shared his admiration for the combatant. Captivated by Topuria’s style, O’Malley expressed his desire to witness a showdown between Topuria and former champion Max Holloway.

He exclaimed, “I wanna see Ilia Topuria versus Max [Holloway], dude. Give me that fight, bro”