Dillon Danis challenged KSI to show up to a location for a face-to-face scrap – and didn’t show up

The story of KSI and Dillon Danis seems to be ongoing. The two were scheduled to box earlier this year. However, Danis withdrew from the bout with just a few days to go citing problems with weight cut and not having a coach.

Many questioned if Danis was prepared for the match at all since he also failed to show up for the news conference hyping up the event.

KSI posted a screenshot earlier today of an Instagram message the welterweight sent to him. Danis seemed to ask the YouTuber to “settle” things with him.

Danis warns KSI by saying: “Be careful in my city today kid…”

KSI then replied: “Come try me c**t.”

Danis then seems to be trying to convince the YouTube fighter that they should meet up in person to settle matters. Danis also provided him with a street address.

KSI replied: “I’ll see you there bro. Make sure to bring your mum too.”

When speaking with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour, KSI disclosed that while he made an appearance, Danis once again was a no show.

Fans commented on the situation by criticizing Danis. Some of the comments are as follows:

“Dillon Danis is just a joke at this point.”

“Dillon was just trolling as usual, he was never gonna show up.”

While KSI’s in-ring schedule is still uncertain, he’ll probably be closely watching this weekend’s match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.