Dillon Danis cashes in on videos trolling Logan Paul’s fiancée as views hit 2 Billion

Bellator MMA competitor Dillon Danis has taken the art of trolling to new heights with his captivating tweets directed at Logan Paul. As anticipation builds for their upcoming October boxing match in Manchester, Dillon’s Twitter videos have already received over two billion views.

Danis has been the most outspoken in advertising the event to fans. This is despite the fact that he is the least well-known of the four co-headliners, along with KSI, Tommy Fury, and Paul.

A recent study from Drama Alert shows that his efforts have paid off considerably, with over 415,000 followers in only the month of August. Over two billion people have viewed his tweets, which are said to have earned him well over $30,000 (£23,593).

The boxer has mostly shared memes about Paul and his fiancée, Nina Agdal. Most recently, a video with Agdal allegedly discussing her abstinence from sex had over 132 million views. Although Paul hasn’t yet responded to that specific post, he says that Danis’ actions haven’t bothered him.

In addition, Danis has maintained that the nature of his statements on Twitter has led to him being ‘shadow banned’ on the platform. He also claimed that Agdal was a ‘former partner’ of company founder Elon Musk, although there is no proof of it.

Logan Paul recently acknowledged that Danis’ jabs were humorous during an interview with comedian Andrew Schulz for his Flagrant podcast. He stated: “I’ll be honest, they’re all good. The guy is f***ing so good at Twitter [now known as X], no it’s top-tier trolling which is why I chose him as an opponent. I had no idea [he would go so hard] but I mean, he’s got people interested and at the end of the day it’s all fight promo.”

Additionally, he argues that it hasn’t harmed their relationship at all. He said: “Let me ask you something; why would there be stress between us?”

“I’ll tell you what, me and Nina were so open with each other that I knew she had long-term relationships her whole life and I knew some of them were very public.

He went on to say: “She’s been famous for her entire adult life, 11 years getting paparazzi’d but I know what kind of person she is, she knows what kind of person I am and so you’ve got to understand at one point I was the most hated person on the planet.”

“I’ve heard it all, seen it all, I’m so numb to it… Some internet troll posing as a fighter isn’t going to come between us.”