Dillian Whyte wants to face Francis Ngannou in boxing AND in MMA

Former heavyweight title challenger Dillian Whyte just challenged Francis Ngannou to a boxing match. But unlike other boxers who want to face Ngannou in the ring, Whyte is willing to do MMA as well. 

Whyte talked to  Sky Sports where he talked about facing the former UFC heavyweight champion. He understands that Ngannou is a threat but he can still take him out.

“I would love to fight him. Obviously, he is a champion, a dangerous guy, but I think I would bash him up.”

He described the nature of the fight and the hype that it would create. Whyte referenced his MMA background as well.

“It would be a very interesting fight, because we both have got a martial arts background and he’s up for jumping in at the deep end, fighting someone like me. It would get lots of interest and eyeballs.”

Whyte criticized his fellow boxers, saying that they’re scared to face athletes in MMA contests and beat them at their own game. However, he doesn’t mind squaring up with the Cameroonian outside the ring.

“A lot of these boxing guys pick on these MMA and martial arts guys and beat them up in a boxing ring. But they are not brave enough to get in the cage.”

“I would happily fight him in boxing and in the cage as well.”

Whyte said that knocking people out in the cage is easier than trying to do it with boxing gloves. He also questions if Francis has the ability to get a KO in the squared circle.

“It is much easier to knock people out with four-ounce gloves that have next to no padding. Can he do the same with a 10-ounce boxing glove? I know I can.”

Whyte feels like Ngannou’s technique isn’t that refined and that he is just good at slugging.

“Obviously he’s a good fighter, he’s strong, but there are a lot of holes in his game. He is throwing from far away, he is a slugger.”

He believes that Ngannou’s style won’t work in the boxing ring because of the supposedly higher skills needed.

“In MMA, that style runs, because you have small gloves and you just need to connect anywhere with someone to do damage. But this is boxing. You need skills and good timing.”

Whyte said that Ngannou shouldn’t overestimate his own abilities.

“He can’t just come out and start slugging and think he can knock people out. He’s dangerous and a big strong guy, but it’s a great fight for me, to be honest.”