Diego Sanchez still believes Joshua Fabia worked for the government and the Columbian cartel

Diego Sanchez’ unfortunate saga with Joshua Fabia received its last chapter back in May of 2021. Shortly after the fall out with the UFC and the publication of suggestive Onlyfans captions Diego Sanchez severed both his professional and personal relationship with mentor, coach, manager Joshua Fabia.

In the fall out, Sanchez paid a hefty sum to Fabia in order to keep him away from his family who he believed was endangered by the guru. No, really. Sanchez recently revealed he got a second lease on life by paying off Fabia so that he wouldn’t be a target any more.

40 year old Sanchez revealed some shocking details about the fall out of the relationship in a long interview with Jesseonfire youtube.

“I fell for the sauce. I’ll never know the real truth. I’ll never know the real truth. But I do know the real truth of this guy’s story. And what he did, working for the government, and with the for the Colombian cartel, and how dangerous this guy really was. ”

“And that’s why I feared for my life and my family safety. And I you know, and I was stuck. I was stuck in this situation. And I I, I had to figure out how I was going to get out of it. And in the end, man, it was it was Mama’s prayers, Mama’s faith, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who saved me. And so, you know, faith is faith is faith is questionable. ”

“You know, and there’s many different faiths within all of the religions and stuff but um, in my spirituality, man, I was rescued, I was saved from the devil straight up, like this guy was a part of this. You can look it up on Google, it’s called S. H. A, you are the Shuar tribe of Ecuador. And they’re the real f—ing headhunters bro. Like they believe that if you cut off someone’s head, you could take their soul energy ”

Prior to receiving a settlement from Diego, Fabia had publicized the emails from Sanchez’ ex wife directed to the UFC and even stooped so low to claim Sanchez was using PEDS during his highschool wrestling career. 

Previously Diego described their relationship saying:

“I made the mistake of following a mentor that I thought had a stronger connection to God than me. And it is a story of biblical measure that people are not ready for – a spiritual warfare type of story. ”

From the very inception of their collaboration, Sanchez believed Fabia was some sort of a super spy. At the time he told Brobible:

“He was an army ranger, he became a contractor, he was working with the feds, and he trains government spies worldwide,” comments Sanchez. “He needs me for his mission that is bigger than fighting. And I need him cause I need to be a ruthless Jedi that gets sh!t done. And that means breaking arms, breaking necks, breaking … hearts and faces. That is what I’m coming here to do.”