Did Conor McGregor Just Retire After Landing Hollywood Role?

Following a string of cryptic tweets, Conor McGregor has left everyone wondering whether he has just declared his MMA retirement.

This week, news broke that the Irish sensation has been cast in a prominent role with famous actor Jake Gyllenhaal. He would shortly make his Hollywood debut. Later this month, production will begin on the movie, a remake of the 1980s classic Road House.

McGregor has now sent out a string of tweets that appear to imply that, short of quitting mixed martial arts, he’ll be taking a break from the sport to concentrate on his budding acting career.

Prior to that mysterious post suggesting his retirement, McGregor had jokingly reflected on his feud with Nate Diaz. He also expressed excitement about facing Hollywood.

McGregor tweeted: “Throwback to me vs Gabriel Gonzaga in Japan, I can’t believe I’m about to hit Hollywood. I will do you all proud”

However, the third tweet from McGregor seemed to imply that he may still compete in the Octagon.

“I’ll be back! For the sake of humankind! I must return! Happy birthday my man, Schwarzenegger! Hope you and H are proud of my recovery/work and my latest move on the board. Fun times ahead, bring it.”

Previously, McGregor had proclaimed his MMA retirement on Twitter multiple times. His most recent announcement was made a little over two years ago. Just one month later, Conor reversed course and said that he would never leave the sport and compete until he was “332 years old.”

Of course, many don’t realize that McGregor has been ‘retired’ from MMA for a while – USADA tests injured athletes but they don’t test people who are retired from the testing pool and thus far there have been no tests for McGregor in 2022.

While McGregor had submitted 11 samples in 2021 – he’s submitted none thus far in 2022. As a reminder to be eligible to compete an athlete must spend at least 6 months in the testing pool.

If we add on the doping accusations to that- it paints a gloomy picture. From all of McGregor’s claims on twitter in 2021 this one is the most veritable thus far. Previously McGregor was quoted saying he’d like to return to welterweight – a division he walks around at and generally cuts from to make lightweight.

The 34-year-old has been recovering since breaking his tibia in his defeat to Dustin Poirier over a year ago. This was when he last competed in the Octagon. Further someone adjacent to McGregor recently leaked talks about a rematch with Floyd Mayweather – to the dismay of the UFC.

Unlike with many other people, UFC president Dana White is more measured in comments he shares regarding McGregor’s ideas but it’s all but certain White would like nothing more than to stay away from the world of boxing. Just earlier today he told media after the Callum Walsh boxing event he attended:

When asked when McGregor would be back, White replied: ‘I don’t know’

He added: ‘Every time I even f**k around with boxing, I go oh, yeah, this is why I don’t want to f**k around with boxing. ‘

McGregor recently indicated an interest in fighting Michael Chandler and even made a suggestion that he would schedule a rematch with Floyd Mayweather in boxing.