Devin Haney claims weight-cutting to blame for tragic deaths in boxing

Devin Haney recently won the WBC super lightweight title match against Regis Prograis. He found himself amidst controversies concerning his weight advantage during the bout.

While celebrating a commanding win, Haney faced backlash due to a substantial weight difference on the day of the match.

Despite both boxers initially meeting the 140-pound weight limit during the official weigh-ins, the actual event revealed a glaring difference. Haney weighed in at 165 pounds held a significant 8.2-pound advantage over Prograis who registered 156.8 pounds. This discrepancy ignited discussions and criticism within the boxing fanbase.


In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Haney responded to the allegations regarding his weight advantage. Acknowledging the noticeable weight difference, Haney attributed it to excessive water intake rather than substantial food consumption:

“Yes, that’s accurate. Hey what can I say, man, I drink a lot of water you know, I may have drunk too much water. Let’s be real, you cannot put on that much weight of f**king food, it has to be water.”

Haney also highlighted the broader issue of improper hydration among fighters. He emphasized that inadequate rehydration after weight cuts contributes significantly to casualties in the ring:

“That’s where guys go wrong; you know they are not rehydrating up [after a weight cut]. I hate to say it, but that’s why they’re dying in the ring and stuff like that because the brain is not hydrated. They are depleting themselves, but they are not doing the proper things to hydrate. The oxygen is not going back to the brain, and they are not going in the fight 100%, and these accidents happen like that.”

Haney’s team has recently been in talks with Ryan Garcia’s team to potentially arrange a bout between the two boxing talents.

After the Haney vs. Prograis bout, Garcia praised Haney’s performance but expressed reservations about his skills. Garcia then turned to social media to announce his intention to challenge Haney in 2024.

“I’ve advised my team to contact team Haney to discuss and make the fight happen between Devin and I #GarciaHaney.”

Haney confirmed these discussions by retweeting Garcia’s statement, affirming the credibility of the situation:

“These are facts.”

As the discussions for a potential future matchup unfold, boxing fans are hoping that the math do take place.