Deontay Wilder’s legs savaged by memes in ultimate fumble against Joseph Parker

Despite his loss to Joseph Parker, Deontay Wilder remains resolute about continuing his professional boxing journey. The recent defeat at the Day of Reckoning co-main event have raised speculations about his potential retirement. But Wilder staunchly quashed those rumors.

The American boxer is known for his powerful punches and resilience, and expressed his commitment to return to the ring and redeem himself.

Shortly after the defeat, the 38-year-old seemed to imply that he could retire when he spoke to DAZN Sports ringside.

However, he then refuted any hints that he could give up boxing. He promised his fans in a brief video posted to social media that “we’ll be back” and expressed his regret for disappointing them.

In the immediate aftermath of the match, Wilder acknowledged his disappointment and admitted to his faltering performance. He expressed, “We came up short tonight. I don’t know what happened to be honest. My timing was off and I didn’t let my hands go like I was supposed to.”

“Sometimes it get like that but you live to see another fight. You live to see another moment, that’s all that matters. I’m still full of happiness, I’m still full of joy, still full of smiles. Sorry if I let anyone down. But we’ll be back though, that’s the good thing about it.”

Wilder then emphasized the value of his family and expressed his want to return home, all the while maintaining that his career was far from over.

He continued: “I thank you so much for the love and support that I’ve gotten in Riyadh and all my fans around the world. I thank you, I appreciate you so much. This is not the end, we’ll be back.”

While being reserved about his future immediately after the match, Wilder assured: “We still have a little bit left, but I did a great job managing my money.”

This week, there were rumors circulating that the American had agreed to a two-bout deal to face Anthony Joshua. He was in the co-main event winner and defeated Otto Wallin in the fifth round.

When asked whether a match with Anthony Joshua may have served as a distraction, he said: “A little bit. It was a lot of talk about a lot of things. We make no excuses. We’ll be back for sure. We have a little bit more left. I’ve done a great job with managing my money and investing. I’m a happy fighter. I’ll be back soon and if not, it’s been a pleasure.”

Eddie Hearn said after Wilder’s defeat by Parker that Joshua would probably challenge Filip Hrgovic for the vacant IBF heavyweight world title since Wilder failed to fulfill his obligation.

According to talkSPORT, Hearn confirmed that arrangements for the highly anticipated matchup had been derailed by Wilder’s loss. He said: “We signed for Wilder, he lost tonight. Maybe it’s a blessing because AJ wants to become a three-time heavyweight world champion. It’s going to be AJ vs Hrgovic for the world title.”

However, remarks made by Joshua after his victory seemed to imply that the contract would possibly go through.

He said: “I wasn’t watching. I was just focusing on myself. I heard Deontay lost, so what? He’ll be back. I’m going to take the higher ground, and I hope he comes back.”

Wilder (43-3-1) stated that while he may go back into the ring, he was happy with his life’s accomplishments.

He said: “I’ve found a lot of peace and happiness in my life. I’ve been wearing this smile all week long. I’m blessed. I gave it all I’ve got. You can’t quit or give up, you must keep going.”