Deontay Wilder proposes boxing and MMA clashes in Africa to Francis Ngannou

Francis Ngannou has received a startling proposition from Deontay Wilder.

Although Ngannou has called out Tyson Fury as his first opponent outside of the UFC, Wilder is open to facing the former heavyweight champion. The possibility of Wilder facing off against Ngannou was raised during an interview with Trill Boxing Talk.

The former boxing world champion gave an unexpected response:

“I even thought about this idea. Let’s make it a two-fight deal. Everybody always comes to boxing… You come to my house, I’ll come to yours… I’m serious about that too. ”

Wilder revealed it was Dana White that initially approached him about making it happen – this is in stark contrast to Dana White’s firm No to boxing he’s been preaching in the last couple of years.

“That’s something I thought about even since the first spark of the idea. You know what, I wanna do something different. Since everybody been doing this crossing between combat sports, and the MMA guys always come to boxing, and of course, they ain’t got no standup game like as far as boxing is concerned.”

Most people think Ngannou has no chance of winning in a boxing match against Fury or Wilder. As a result, Tyson added some spice by introducing hybrid rules in their potential match that included a cage and 4-ounce gloves.

Deontay Wilder offered Ngannou a package that includes an MMA clash. This will allow Ngannou to use his skills in kicking and grappling. Additionally, Wilder expressed interest in the matches being held in Africa, turning the event into a blockbuster spectacle between the two.

For many years, Dana White has been hinting about an event in Africa. There was a follow-up in 2022 claiming that the idea would soon come to pass. Thus, Francis Ngannou was expected to appear on a UFC Africa fight card since he was born in Cameroon.

Ngannou now has the opportunity to organise the event outside the UFC. In response to the question of whether he would be interested in taking on Ngannou, Deontay Wilder said the following:

“Most definitely. I love Francis. When I met him at the APEX in Vegas, we was talking about doing it at that time. I’m still interested in that fight. I would love to go to Africa for that one.”