Demetrious Johnson says Anthony Joshua would also beat Francis Ngannou in MMA

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has weighed in on the hypothetical matchup of heavyweight boxing star Anthony Joshua taking on UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight. In a surprising take, Johnson believes Joshua would have the upper hand over the fearsome Ngannou.

“Now, does Anthony Joshua beat Francis Ngannou in an MMA fight? I think he does,” Johnson stated in a recent interview. “Here’s the reason why, because it will just be another striking match.”

Johnson argues that Joshua’s elite boxing skills would translate well to an MMA striking battle against Ngannou. “AJ understands his distance, he understands the void. He has better hands than Francis and he can make Francis even whiff and miss again.”

The former UFC champion does acknowledge that Ngannou could change the complexion of the fight by taking it to the ground. “Unless Francis is going to change his tactic and go clinch him and wrestle him.” However, Johnson thinks Joshua’s athleticism would allow him to defend takedowns effectively.

“AJ is very athletic. He is smaller, he’s more limber. I think he’d be able to stuff the shot and be able to give it to Francis Ngannou.”

It’s a daring prediction considering Ngannou’s devastating punching power and status as one of the most feared strikers in MMA. Joshua, while an elite boxer, would be making his MMA debut against one of the sport’s top heavyweights.

Only time will tell if this hypothetical matchup ever comes to fruition. But Demetrious Johnson seems quite confident about how things would play out if it did.